About Us

Who we are


Save Hilgard Avenue is a growing group of homeowners, renters, students, businesses, and other stakeholders who have one goal:  decline both the 16 story and 8 story proposals for the Agora, which is too tall for its location.

We formed in response to an audacious 16-story dorm project filed with LA City by two doctors. Their main proposal is over 4x the height and 3x times more buildable than allowed by current zoning law.  The high rise proposal is adjacent to a residential neighborhood (r1). Their back up proposal of 8 stories is 2x the allowable height.

Why we need you


We see that the developers and their lobbying agency have a strong influence with Councilman Koretz's office and other government groups.  We need to advocate for our own needs as residents and stakeholders around Hilgard Avenue or else the developers will push through while we aren't paying attention. 

The precedent this effort sets is significant on Hilgard, in Westwood and across the greater Los Angeles area. 

Rules must be followed, right? 

How you can help


Sign the petition. Here's the link:


Email a letter to Councilmember Koretz:  paul.koretz@lacity.org

Spread the word about this effort by forwarding this website to your friends and neighbors.


Learn more about the development and its impacts on the facts page of this site:


The "Agora" in context

The Agora's proposed height is egregiously incompatible with the property’s current zoning and would leave proximate residents with adverse impacts such as loss of property value and privacy. The Westwood Multi-Family Specific Plan was enacted (after two private high-rise dorms failed: the W hotel site and Westwood Horizons on Tiverton) to prevent this very type of incompatible development. Build 45 feet in height only and we will not allow any exceptions to current zoning law. Use existing incentives to build compatible affordable housing. 

The Daily Bruin covered the myriad of issues in articles here: 

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